Ant 24 Wash DC Graphic Designer, Bacon Lover, Gamer, Foodie, Anime Freak, Rollerblader, Artist, Weirdo, but most of all a NERD.My Blog consists of things that I find interesting, Funny, or Awesome! You can say some things are a reflection of my mind.I am super cool once you get to know me so feel free to get to know me by "asking me something" (I am not a creeper)Rule #32 Enjoy the little things (I do post NSFW stuff from time to time just to warn you)

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  • geoffrox:

    Imagine if the series had ended right after this moment.

    Orrr the series takes a drastic turn and Walt sells coffee beans to Starbucks…then he wants out…but Starbucks doesn’t let him and threatens to kill his family… So Walt devises a plan to kill Starbucks…and..

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